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Rick is available to stroll at fairs, festivals, and parades!

Scroll down for Rick's technical riders, high-res publicity photos, and press kit information sheets downloadable in .pdf format.

Please note that all photos are copyrighted and are for publicity purposes only!

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Technical Requirements

Technical Rider - All Programs (Except for Strolling Entertainment)

(Technical requirements are also included on each InfoSheet)

1. A clean, clear 20' x 20' performing space. (With a raised, stable, stage whenever possible)

2. Performance space should be available 1 1/2 hours before and after the performance.

3. Assistance with unloading and loading of equipment.

4. Adequate lighting and electricity. (Standard power outlet)

5. Room should be able to be darkened for hand shadows whenever possible.

6. A clean, private, room for dressing.

7. Outdoor shows should be in an area removed from street or traffic sounds whenever possible.

8. Outdoor shows should be on a covered space or have an indoor rain site.

9. For all other questions or concerns contact: Rick Adam 888/580-5941or email Rick at: rick@rickadam.info

Publicity Photos & Info Sheets

(300 d.p.i. high res photo downloads + 1 Page Promotional Summaries)

Click on images to open high res image in a new window.
Photos are for publicity purposes only.
©2006 Rick Adam, All Rights Reserved.

Professor Paddy-Whack's AmuseCycle

A Bozo In Love
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Adam in Concert
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Healthy Choices
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High Jinx
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Holiday Vaudeville
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Journey Through Addiction
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One Man Parade, Spoofarto, and Professor Paddy-Whack
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Red's Recycle-O-Rama
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Resolving Rage and Be Cool Be Safe
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Shaking Up Shakespeare
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